About Julie

Julie teaches a blend of yoga styles, with a keen eye to alignment, having practised Ashtanga, Iyengar and Hatha traditions for over thirty years.  Her studies have taken her to Thailand, India and Hawaii where she has had the privilege of learning with some of the world’s leading teachers, including Danny Paradise, David Swenson, Matthew Sanford, and the late Derek Ireland.  Julie also has an extensive background in dance and Pilates, and effortlessly fuses these to create flowing forms which increase strength and stability.

Based predominantly in Cornwall, Julie draws inspiration from the landscape, working with individuals, partners and groups to focus on the Julie triangle posetherapeutic and rehabilitative power of yoga and its ability to enhance all aspects of life.  She infuses her practice with compassion and humour, encouraging students to think of their relationship with yoga as a personal lifelong journey.  Julie’s self-practice took on new dimensions as part of her own recovery from cancer.  She is happy to work with people post-operatively and also to support people living with chronic conditions, developing specific programmes to facilitate flexibility and wellbeing, incorporating relaxation techniques and principles of mindfulness-based stress reduction.

Julie is passionate about teaching absolute beginners.  Her light-hearted ‘Stiff as a Board’ class is expressly designed for people who think they aren’t flexible enough for yoga.  Adept at working with what each and every student brings to class, Julie is an expert at tailoring classes to the physical and energetic needs of her students.  She profoundly believes that yoga has someone to offer everybody.  In recent years, she has taught Chair-based classes to senior citizens and people with limited mobility.  She is also completing her training in ‘Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs’, an evidence-based approach to treating chronic lower back pain with a structured and progressive twelve- week programme.  In the largest clinical research trial on yoga to date, this UK-based research, involving over 300 participants found that specialist group yoga classes led by trained yoga teachers gave significant benefits to beginners to yoga with low back pain.  Benefits were maintained 9 months after the 12-class ‘Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs’ course.  This course can be delivered one to one or in small groups (see http://www.yogaforbacks.co.uk/)

Off the mat, Julie is also known nationally and internationally for her work on ethics in therapeutic relationships and complementary medicine and is the author of several landmark books on this subject.  She has also had a longstanding career advising UK Government on various aspects of healthcare policy, including the benefits of prevention, health promotion and self-care.  Her work on ethics, boundaries and professionalism influences and underpins Julie’s approach to teaching.  She is currently writing a book and developing a curriculum on yoga ethics, marrying ancient traditions of yoga precepts with the expectations and requirements of professionalism.

Qualifications held:

CYQ Level 3 – Yoga Professionals, 2010

Advanced Fitness Instructor, Register of Exercise Professionals

Ashtanga Vinyasa Primary Series Teacher Training – David Swenson, 2002

Post-Graduate Certificate in Education– University of Greenwich 1998


“A yoga lesson with Julie is like a magical mystery tour. You never quite know where she will take you but it is always a wonderful trip. From starting class dancing to James Brown, through deep stretches, use of props, laughter, tra-la and experimenting with your body to a perfect savasana it is a fantastic experience. I have learnt so much about myself and what my body can actually do in combination with the breath and thinking outside the box, it is no exaggeration to say Julie has helped me transform myself and my life. I am more centred, flexible and open, try a class, you will not be disappointed.”

“For those of us that experience doubt, uncertainty and plain old fear at a deep level when even thinking about trying something new, then Julie is the Yoga person for you. Julie makes it possible to experience being free from difficulties whilst opening up the real glimmer of a different you. Julie is a safe person to be around, somehow gelling, supporting, encouraging, having a laugh and relaxing an entire group, whilst teaching and sharing her Yoga at an accessible and expert manner. No hesitation in recommending Julie.”