Classes & Locations


Julie is able to offer the following style classes:

·      Dynamic Vinyasa Flow 1-1½hr.  Dynamic linking of classic hatha yoga postures using breath.  A strong practice which includes initial relaxation, joint mobilisation exercises, flowing sun salutations, standing postures, seated postures, balance postures, final relaxation and breathing exercises (pranayama).

·      Classic Hatha Yoga 1-1½hr.  A moderate intensity hatha yoga class, consisting of a structured warm up, sun salutations, and a series of standing and seated hatha poses and counter poses to stretch and strengthen the whole body, followed by a final relaxation.

·       Absolute Beginners 1 hr-1½hr.  Can’t touch your toes?  Think you have to be bendy to start yoga?  This class is for you.  It caters for absolute beginners with progressive stretching and use of props finding ways to make poses accessible to all.

·      Stretching for Athletes 1-1½hr.  Whether you are a surfer, a rower or a runner, Julie will design a yoga-based stretch programme to enhance your performance, incorporating use of the breath to improve stamina and help achieve maximum flexibility as well as strength.

·      Restorative Yoga 1-1½hr.  A gentle, calming practice, suitable for absolute beginners and more experienced students.  Designed to sit alongside a more vigorous practice, restorative yoga is also appropriate for rehabilitation after illness or surgery, with using imagery, extended stretches, and blankets and bolsters to bring about deep relaxation.

·      Chair-Based Yoga 1hr.  A class which is taught wholly or in part from a chair, including relaxation, stretching and strengthening from the comfort of a chair.  This class is an excellent way into yoga for people with more limited mobility, who may find it hard to get up and down from a mat.  This class can be delivered one-to-one or in small groups.

·      Cliff-Top Cardio 1½hr-2hrs.  Taking advantage of the stunning Cornish coastline, this outdoor practice draws inspiration from blue/green gym philosophy by combining a cardio-enhancing walk with an outdoor yoga session on the cliff tops overlooking Land’s End.  Julie incorporates the natural landscape of granite boulders and rock formations to form a perfect outdoor studio.  Practise early, and on a clear day you can see the moon setting as the sun rises – Hatha yoga at its most natural.  A great way to start your day, whether you are local or visiting Cornwall.

Julie on the rocks·      Core Strengthening 1-1½hr.  A mat-based fusion of yoga and pilates, combining hatha yoga postures with core strengthening exercises to complement each other promoting strength and flexibility.  Individual programmes can be devised to support specific training, rehabilitation and injury requirements.

·      Breast cancer rehabilitation workshops – by arrangement.  As a breast cancer survivor, Julie used yoga extensively post-mastectomy to gain a full sense of movement and wellbeing.  She works with individuals and groups, empowering others to boost their recovery through relaxation and stretching poses to improve mobility, flexibility and self-confidence post-surgery.

·      Workplace yoga – by arrangement.  An invigorating workplace-based practice ideal improving mobility in the neck, shoulders and wrists.  Ideal for revitalising those whose work requires intense concentration or sitting for extended periods, the class is just under an hour long, this practice is ideal for before work or during lunchtimes.  Julie is happy to visit your place of work and deliver classes in small or large groups.  Contact Julie directly to organise sessions and to try a free introductory session.

·      Yoga for mental health – a profound believer in the benefits of yoga to enhance mental health and wellbeing, Julie teaches low-cost community classes for students with mental health issues.  Informed by her work advising Ministers and the NHS on mental health issues, Julie practises trauma-informed teaching methods and has experience of working with individuals and groups.

Prospective students are welcome to contact Julie to discuss suitable level classes.


Current class location:

West Cornwall Inner Space Thursdays 10-11 am

Different locations available by arrangement.

Private Tuition:

Private classes are available for individuals and small groups and sessions can be organised at a time that suits you, and in the comfort of your own home.  Private classes are an ideal way for beginners to gain an introductory knowledge to yoga postures and to gain confidence to join an open class.  Private classes are also ideal if you are returning to practice after injury or surgery.


Open classes are £7 per class on a drop in basis, or £30 for a block of six classes.

One to one sessions are £50 per hour or £80 for up to four people.

A sliding scale operates for people who are struggling financially.  Please contact Julie directly to discuss.